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My contribution: Creating wireframes and prototypes, handling assets to developers.


Resolve is an online portal that allows landlords to quickly negotiate and agree on a rent repayment plan in the event of any current or expected missing rent payments (rent arrears) from their tenants due to Covid-19. Once agreed, Resolve provides landlords with the necessary paperwork to create an agreement between all parties concerned.

I was creating a landing page used for marketing this product.


  • Help landlords and tenants in uncertain times. To offer an alternative option for people struggling with paying or getting their rent payments.

  • Reduce the amount of unpaid rent. According to flatfair, tenants will be more likely to pay when shown a path out of their arrears that is fair and transparent, and landlords and agencies that work fairly with their partners will be better viewed once the crisis is over.

  • Increase brand awareness. To get a positive spotlight and attract more customers. Also, show the world that this company cares about people during this vulnerable time and it can quickly adapt to user needs.


  • Due to the Covid-19 global pandemic, more tenants than usual are expected to struggle to pay their rent. Tenants and landlords are very vulnerable and stressed during this uncertain time. In this stressful period, people need to feel that they have the tools that could help to overcome their struggles.

  • This project has to be released very quickly to stay relevant (we didn't know how long the global pandemic is going to last). It means very tight deadlines to all of the parts of this project. The whole project had to be created in 2 weeks. This landing page had to be created in a day.

Initial research & workshops

More than 230k UK tenancies expected to be in rent arrears.

In order to create a new experience, we had to analyse our current flow. Unfortunately, we didn't have much time for research and had to move very quickly. I had to step into this project to help the team to be able to finish it on time.

  1. I tested Resolve flow and gathered knowledge on how it works.

  2. I worked closely with the product and marketing team. Did quick feedback loops.


a) This is how the product that we want to advertise on the new website looks like


Based on the above problems identified, I worked on addressing them by coming up with potential solutions:

  • Make sure that landlords understand the benefits of this new product. We decided to add a "How it works" video to the header to explain it quickly and clearly.

  • Make sure that it's easy to get started.

  • Create a clear and minimalistic landing page to make sure that landlords are not overloaded with information and can take the main action quickly.

Design process

Since the deadline was very tight I mapped the layout very quickly and started working on high fidelity mobile and desktop mockups straight away. Then, I handed the mockups to the developer and answered all of the questions.


Outcome and learnings

We delivered this project on time in a very short deadline. Even though the product itself didn't attract many users, we achieved the goal of increasing brand awareness, especially when this product was promoted by as a trusted dispute resolution service.

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