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My contribution: Creating wireframes and prototypes, handling assets to developers.


Flatfair is a deposit alternative provider for renting a property. Currently, most of the tenancy plans are sold by our partners - agents.

I was working closely with the marketing team to create a quick but effective page to inform our agents about the incentivisation project.


Increase sales of flatfair plans.

Initial research

I had to quickly jump into this project to help our team due to a lack of resources at that specific time. So first, I had to understand as much as I could about this project in a short amount of time.

  1. I had a few follow-up meetings with different teams, read their research insights.

  2. I worked closely with the product marketing team to think of the most important info that has to be displayed.

  3. Worked on user survey with the marketing team. Created user interview questions. We supposed to conduct interviews with the agents. Unfortunately, it didn't take place.

Problems and hypothesis

  • Some agents are not motivated to sell flatfair product.

  • H1: competition would increase the motivation and the number of plans sold.


Based on the above problems identified, I worked on addressing them by coming up with potential solutions:

  • Promote the commission plan on the new landing page by focusing on the value for the agent.

  • Make sure they are well educated about our product before selling it. I added important links, Q&As and other marketing material to help them to learn more about the company and the products.

  • Create a clear and minimalistic landing page to make sure that agents are not overloaded with information.


Design process

Since the deadline was very tight I worked closely with the marketing team to finalise the layout and started working on high fidelity mobile and desktop mockups straight away. Then, I handed the mockups to the developer and worked closely with him with developing and testing the new web page.


Outcome and learnings

We see some increase in plans being sold but not as big as expected. However, since the property market is seriously affected by the global pandemic, it's quite difficult to measure the effect of this project.

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